About Us

Since its foundation in 1991, Gorgona Böhm ZT GmbH
(previously „The Office“ and „Gorgona Böhm Associates“) has completed over 50 projects in Austria and abroad. Our clients include large companies, private developers and public authorities. Our office works very cost efficent through our and goal-oriented approach. Even with simple means, we create innovative solutions that surpass the efficiency of conventional construction methods by precisely planning every step.

The following approach has proven to deliver architecture at the highest of standards: Thinking from the inside out. First we analyze the functional core of the project.

How are the new premises to be used and by whom?
How do we design the interior in a useful manner?

Only after we got to the bottom of these questions we turn our attention to further planning. This is how we create modern concepts that remain economical in their essence. In doing so, we flexibly adapt to your ideas, so feel free to send us an inquiry with your ideas, and we will take care of the implementation.


For more than 30 years we have been fulfilling the most diverse customer wishes: from simple office buildings to impressive penthouse apartments to 5-star hotel resorts. These multi-faceted areas of experience allow us to offer a wide range of architectural services, from initial design to completed project. This includes preliminary design, design development, construction and completion.

Our renowned architectural accomplishments include award-winning projects:
The headquarters of Bauholding (now STRABAG SE) in Spittal a. d. Drau and the former
MERKUR shopping center in Wiener Neustadt.

Interior design

Due to our integrating approach to design, the furnishing and design of your new home is in good hands. The know-how of the office is reflected in the comprehensive interior design services: space planning, furniture design, programming, documentation and supervision while construction is in process. We place special focus on optimal lighting of the interior. Thus, we always develop the appropriate lighting concept for each project along a holistic planning approach.

Industrial design

Since the foundation of our office we have been working closely with experienced industrial designers. In the meantime, we have created an efficient exchange between members of our company and external specialists. This has established a functional synergy between design management and architectural know-how, with the help of which even the most demanding ideas can be realized without any problems.
An example of this productive synergy is the invention of an interference façade, patented under the name „The Skin“ and presented in prestigious architectural magazines such as World Architecture. Among other things, our Industrial Design department also designed machines for Engel Austria and design objects for Swarovski.

Current projects
Currently we are working on projects in Vienna and Italy,
for example the restoration of a Viennese city palace at Schlickplatz.


Mag. Gorgona Böhm, founder and head of the architecture department, member AIA
Ludwig Redl, Senior Partner, Head of Industrial Design, Member IDSA

Gorgona Böhm ZT GmbH
A 1070 Wien, Lindengasse 65
+43 1 522 2200

Gorgona Böhm ZT GmbH
A 1040 Wien, Apfelgasse 1 TOP 1
+43 1 522 2200

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